Thank you for visiting the Natural Farrowing System® where we have patented, standardized and perfected a true alternative to confinement hog production.

The “natural” in the Natural Farrowing System®, refers to allowing the animal to display its “natural” instincts and behaviors, as opposed to the product that is being produced, allowing you to participate in either the niche or commodity markets.

The Natural Farrowing System® offers a flagship product (the Nesting Box®), production systems (farrow to finish or feeder pig), “Free Access” Hoop Gestation Systems and Consultative Services, all driven by a responsibility to the animal’s natural instincts and profitability.

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In a nutshell, Natural Farrowing System® is dedicated to bringing an economically viable, ecologically sound and socially responsible method of hog production to the market place and fundamentally changing the way swine are raised in the USA and the World through a low cost and low labor, odor free system that works with the animal’s natural instincts. To be clear, we are not contra the industry, but an alternative that helps customers, producers and packers deliver what the consumer is demanding.

Please enjoy clicking through our site, and we would very much like the opportunity to further discuss with you our system, and how we may be able to help you secure a livestock operation that works for you.

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